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Exam Schedule (New Course) has been published. Exam Schedule (Old Course) has been published. किताव बुझाउनेबारे सुचना । पुर्वान्चल विश्वबिद्यालयको अत्यन्त जरुरी सुचना - Exam Notice of I & V Semesters गणतन्त्र दिवसको दिन कलेज बिदा हुनेबारे सूचना । जेठ १७ गतेदेखी आठौ सेमेस्टरका विधार्थीको कक्षा सन्चालन हुनेबारे सुचना । जेठ १० गतेदेखी कलेजका प्राध्यापक तथा शिक्षक उपस्थित हुनेबारे सुचना । कलेज प्रशासन विहान ७ः०० बजेबाट हुने भूकम्पीय जोखिम न्यूनिकरण भवन निर्माण तालिम सम्बन्धी सूचना २० गते आइतबारदेखी कलेज प्रशासन सन्चालन हुने तथा अर्को सूचना प्रकासित नभएसम्म कक्षा सन्चालन नहुनेबारे सूचना । Next session of 2nd, 6th & 8th semesters starts from 20th, 13th & 13th Baishakh respectively. Result of Online Objective Test of Engineering Hydrology has been published Result of Data Entry test has been published Access eLibrary Internship Examination for Data Entry B.E./ B.Arch. I, V, VII Semester Regular and Back Exam Notice has been published. Assessment Notice for I & IV SEM Providing convocation fee receipt Convocation 3rd semester class start from 3rd Phalgun Assessment of 5th and 7th semester Earthquake Safety Week 2071 Symposium on Border of Nepal ,its security and Sovereignty of Nepal Academic Calender of PU Unit Test exam of Fourth Semester Orientation program of Master Program MSc. Urban Design & Conservation second entrance result Guest Lecture on Earth, Architecture and Human Second Entrance result published Classes shut down during SAARC conference Entrance center published Model competition for earthquake day Second Entrance Exam notice M.E. class start from 1st Mangsir New Classes start from 1st Mangsir


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