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Eighth Semester Assessment Exam - 2072 Notice of form distribution for the entrance exam 2072 Notice for All Notice for MEQ I/II (2014 Batch) Notice of Interview for the masonry and carpentry training Notice to All 8th Semester Computer Engineering Students Notice to All 3rd Semester Computer Engineering Students Submit project proposal of 5th semester before 22nd Shrawan,Friday Notice for Third Semester B.E. Computer students: Submit proposal of 8th semester final year project 18th Asar, Friday Submit final report of 7 & 5th semester project before 7th Asar 2072. The final defense of project of 5th semester will be on following date and time New Date: 31th Jestha, Sunday Time: 7:15AM onwards Final Project defense for 7th semester on 2072 Jestha 27th Time : 7:00AM The final defense of project of 5th semester will be on 24th Jestha, Sunday Time: 7:15AM onwards 3rd semester class will run from 24th jestha, Sunday Reassessment of communication system of 4th semester 26th Jestha Tuesday :11:00AM Fourth semester students are informed to submit exam form of 4th semester before( 21st Jestha). 8th and 6th semester classes will be run from 17th Jestha. Students of 5th & 7th are informed to contact their supervisors for final defense of project. All full time faculty members are informed to attend in college from 10th Jestha (Time :7:00AM) Students of Computer Engineering are informed to report individual damages in your home caused by earthquake (if any) Passed out or current students of KhECare invited for Android programming Orientation classes of electives for eight semesters Reassessment and Labexam notice of Communication System for 4th semester 6th and 8th semester classes will be started from 13th Baisakh Final Project defense new schedule for 7th semester Computer 4th semester student, project of FOSP New 8th semester students are informed to contact department for choosing Elective subjects 8th Baisakh. Unit Test and Assessment Exam Postponed. All Students from Computer Engineering Should be Present in Defense Notice for Closing Ceremony of Educational Exhibition & Prize Distribution Program Server Computer खरिद सम्बन्धी बोलपत्र प्रस्ताब दर्ता गर्ने र खोल्ने बारे सुचना अतिरिक्त बिलम्ब शुल्क सहित परिक्षा फारम भर्ने बारे ! शैक्षिक प्रदर्शनी उद्घाटनको दिन उपस्थित हुनेबारे । Educational Exhibition- 2072 on Shrawan 23, 24 and 25.


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