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  • A Snippet of Examination Hour

      A Snippet of Examination Hour

      Examination means the test of a student's knowledge in prescribed subjects. An examination creates a sort of care in students to prepare their studies sincerely. Examination may be of various types such as oral, written and practical.


      In lower classes oral test is conducted in lieu of written test since students do not have the ability to write at that age. In higher classes of course written test is invariably conducted. In science and technical studies, practical examinations are conducted.


      Examination ascertains the proficiency of a student up to a certain limit. It induces students to prepare well in the subjects given to them. But by examination the real talent of students cannot be fathomed. The research minded scholars have been found not to have performed well in the stereotyped examinations.


      Whereas a mediocre student may perform well in an examination by preparing some selective topics, a meritorious student may not fare better comparatively. The reason is questions are set from a few topics. 


      Our examination compels students to prepare for those topics or for which students are not interested. Great minds cannot be tested by the prevailing examination system that is defective. The term examination makes a student unnecessarily nervous.


      Examinations are thought as a test of the ignorance of students. But it is not justifiable. The present system of examination encourages the habit of cramming. No step has yet been taken to rectify the defects so far. We find that a student fleets his time carelessly for the whole year without study as reading for a few days before the day of examination enables him to pass the examination. They pass the examination just by getting by heart some selective topics.


      Another method adopted by students now a day for passing is by copy. The examination encourages idleness, copying and carelessness.


      For eradicating such evils the progress of a student should be judged not by the final result but by taking into account the result of several examinations conducted by various examiners. Otherwise dull students would be able to show their brilliance where as good and sincere students would feel neglected and helpless.


      There is a difference of judgment in awarding marks in essay type questions by different examiners. Examinations however cannot be avoided altogether. The question papers should be designed so as to test the overall aspect of a student. By such changes, the drawbacks of examination can be brought down up to a certain extent.


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