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    Request for Proposal to help fight COVID-19

    Published Date: 2020-04-05

    Request for Proposal

    Khwopa Engineering College and Khwopa College of Engineering request for proposals relating to hardware projects, software projects and research to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Feasible projects will be funded by the college for further research and implementation.


    The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has become a pandemic, threatening to overwhelm health services and harm vulnerable economies. As of 4th April 2020, Nepal has confirmed nine positive cases of the COVID-19 disease. In Nepal, the health system is weak, which is why Nepali people are at their most vulnerable state.

    China is deploying robots and drones to remotely disinfect hospitals, deliver food and enforce quarantine restrictions as part of the effort to fight corona virus. Considering the current unfavourable situation, robotics could be used in order to help our society during the current outbreak.

    China has launched social media campaign to spread information about COVID-19 amongst vulnerable communities in 40 different minority languages. It highlights simple actions that can keep us safe, such as washing hands with soap and water frequently, staying at home when sick, and avoid touching our face.   

    We also need software and mobile applications for government leaders, health workers, family and friends for providing the latest news and information on coronavirus as well as the symptoms of the disease and how people can protect themselves and others too. We also need toprovide the latest statistics on the pandemic, area situation reports and the travel history of disease-prone people in real-time to help official decision-makers protect the health of their population.

    Format of Proposal

    The proposal may contain but not limited to cover page, introduction, block diagram, methodologies, hardware and software requirement and their availabilities, estimated cost and Gantt chart.

    Group members

    At least two or total of four students currently studying in Khwopa Engineering College or Khwopa College of Engineering can submit the proposal. One alumnus from the college can also be included as a team member.

    Submission of Proposal

    Proposal should be submitted through your respective department before 30th Chaitra, 2076. Please find the contact details of your department head below.

    1. YogeshBajracharya Email: [email protected]
    2. ReenaManandhar Email:[email protected]
    3. RakeshGwachha Email: [email protected]
    4. Shiva K. Shrestha Email:[email protected]


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