(An Undertaking of Bhaktapur Municipality)
Affiliated to Purbanchal University, Estd. 2001
(Dedicated To Country & People)
  • Message from Principal

      Message from Principal

      Since its inception KhEC has been moving on with uncompromising integrity and quality to meet the academic and intellectual aspirations of the prospective students. The institution is poised to impart quality education to all by executing engineering and architectural studies at affordable fee.  With these courses it helps make students self confident, self reliant and dedicated to the country and the people. We see value of education in inducing job creators and leadership in respective fields.

      KhEC's vision is to give education conformed to productive labour in this part of the globe, and the institution aims to provide an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of the goal. The faculty at KhEC is recognized for its commitment to teaching and research both, and dedicated and accessible teachers have contributed to an intimate and rigorous teaching and learning activities. Similarly, devoted staff and sensible parents who are always conscious of the academic demands and new world challenges are equally cooperative to walk shoulder to shoulder with the faculty members.  Individuals who are curious about the academic world and the ideas contained therein will find at KhEC a stimulating experience that aims to strengthen them as scholars and researchers.

      So come, experience  KhEC -- to move your curiosities forward--where  students  and faculty members engage in lively intellectual exchanges, making them partners  in quenching the thirst of knowledge.

      Thanking you all !


      Er. Sujan Maka
      Principal,  Khwopa  Engineering College

More Recent Notices पूविवि सेमेष्टर परीक्षाको पहिलो दिन परीक्षा केन्द्रमा पुर्याउनेबारे सूचना । स्नातक तहको पाचौ सेमेस्टरको शुल्क बुझाउने बारे जरुरी सूचना । स्नातकोत्तर तहको दोश्रो चौथो सेमेस्टर्को शुल्क बुझाउने बारे जरुरी सूचना । सेमेस्टर टपर छात्रबृत्ति रकम लिन आउने बारे सूचना । विद्यार्थी धरौटी आम्दानी जनाएकोबारे सूचना । २०८० भर्ना समूहका विद्यार्थीहरुलाई गरिव, जेहेन्दार तथा अनुशासित विद्यार्थी छात्रवृति प्रदान गरिएको बारे सूचना । २०७९ भर्ना समूहका विद्यार्थीहरुलाई गरिव, जेहेन्दार तथा अनुशासित विद्यार्थी छात्रवृति प्रदान गरिएको बारे सूचना । अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय श्रमिक दिवसको दिन बिदाहुने बारे सूचना । Notice to Civil & Computer 2080 Batch. Exam Form Notice


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