(An Undertaking of Bhaktapur Municipality)
Affiliated to Purbanchal University, Estd. 2001
(Dedicated To Country & People)
  • Department of Civil Engineering

      Faculties : Department of Civil Engineering, KhEC
    • This college offers Bachelor's level courses in Civil Engineering since its establishments with well equipped laboratories and experienced faculties.

      In addition to regular courses the department organized frequent field visits and study tour on different subjects – Hydropower, Irrigation, Transportation, Water Supply, Sanitary, Geology, Hydrology and Construction Material.

      A two week survey camp is organized for the third year students as part of their course of study.

      Elective courses

      •     Introduction to Finite Element Method
      •     Rural Infrastructure Engineering
      •     Solid Waste Management
      •     Trail Bridge
      •     Vernacular Architecture
      •     Bio Engineering
      •     Earthquake Engineering
      •     Transportation Planning & Management
      •     Environmental impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Faculties:

    • 64202 Name: Er. Shova Shrestha
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur
      Specialization: M.E. in Earthquake

      68211 Name: Er. Amit Shankar Ranjit
      Post: HoD
      Address: GPO Box : 8975, EPC : 933, Ktm.
      Email: as.ranjit@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: M.Sc. Energy & Environmental Engg.

      71226 Name: Er. Razim Ganesh
      Post: DHoD, Lecturer
      Address: Chyamhasingh-01, Bhaktapur
      Email: ganesh.razim@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: M.Sc. in Environmental & Natural Resources

      68207 Name: Dr. Jatadhar Jha
      Post: Professor
      Address: GOP Box : 6169, Ktm.
      Email: jha.jatadhar@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: P.hD.

      67206 Name: Er. Umesh Sukamani
      Post: Former HoD (Civil)
      Address: Bramhayani-01, Bhaktapur
      Email: sukamani.umesh@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: B.E. (MSc Running)

      71228 Name: Dr. Manjip Shakya
      Post: Sr. Lecturer
      Address: Biratnagar-5, Morang
      Email: shakya.manjip@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: P.hD. in Civil Engineering

      73232 Name: Dr. Sajana Suwal
      Post: Senior Lecturer
      Address: Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur
      Email: suwalsajana@gmail.com
      Specialization: P.hD. In Structural Engineering

      64202 Name: Er. Shova Shrestha
      Post: Former Coordinator(PG-EQ)
      Address: Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur
      Email: shrestha.shova@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: M.E. in Earthquake

      68210 Name: Er. Sudip Karanjit
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: Madhyapur Thimi-08, Bkt.
      Email: karanjit.sudip@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: Masters of Structural Engineering

      69214 Name: Er. Saroj Phaiju
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: House No. 97, Taulachhen - 01, Bhaktapur Municipality, Bhaktapur
      Email: phaiju.saroj@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: ME Earthquake

      69213 Name: Er. Shyam Sundar Basukala
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: Byasi-10, Bhaktapur
      Email: shyam.basukala@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: ME Earthquake

      70223 Name: Er. Jeetendra Prajapati
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: Kamalbinayak - 04, Bhaktapur
      Email: prajapati.jeetendra@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: B.E. Civil (MSc Running)

      Name: Er. Ramila Shrestha
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: Bode, Madhyapur
      Specialization: ME Earthquake

      71224 Name: Er. Rebika Koju
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: Byasi, Bhaktapur-10
      Email: koju.rebika@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: MSC Water Resources & Engg - Running

      71227 Name: Er. Aprin Bajracharya
      Post: Lecturer
      Address: Madhyapur Thimi-14, Bkt.
      Email: bajracharya.aprin@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: MSc Energy System Planning & Mgmt - Running

      Name: Er. Sudha Panthi
      Post: Asst. Lecturer
      Address: Kuleshwor, Kathmandu
      Email: panthi.sudha@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: BE Mechanical

      73230 Name: Er. Sarita Prajapati
      Post: Asst. Lecturer
      Address: Madhyapur - 10, Bhaktapur
      Email: prajapatisarita1@gmail.com
      Specialization: MSc (Transportation Enng & Mgmt)

      67201 Name: Mr. Jaya Prajapati
      Post: Lab Asst.
      Address: Bolachhen, Bhaktapur-12
      Email: prajapati.jaya@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: I.A./Mechanical Training

      66204 Name: Mr. Prabin Raj Shrestha
      Post: Lab Asst.
      Address: Dadhikot-07, Bhaktapur
      Email: shrestha.prabin@khec.edu.np
      Specialization: BBS, B.Ed.

      73233 Name: Mr. Amar Karmacharya
      Post: Lab Assistant
      Address: Mangalachhen-14, Bkt.
      Email: amarkarmacharya@gmail.com
      Specialization: Diploma in CivIl


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