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  • Detail of Notice

    Final project defense of 3rd semester

    Published Date: 2015-09-22

    Project Titles:

    Date: 2072-06-17,Sunday; Time: 7:00 AM onwards

    1. Department Store Info System

    2. Canteen Billing System

    3. Data logging using Arduino

    4. Supermarket Billing System

    5. School Based Employee System

    6. Fire Fighting Robot

    7. Library Mgmt System


    Project Titles:

    Date: 2072-06-18, Monday; Time: 7:00 AM onwards

    1. Online Student Registration System

    2. Library Visitor Counter System

    3. Attendance Mgmt System

    4.Tower of Hanoi game

    5 .E-voting

    6. Student Attendence System

    7. Department store Billing system

    Note: Final report must be submitted before 15th of Asoj,2072 and supervisors of respective projects  are requested to present on defense day.

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